Why Save Archaeology?

Why Does Archaeology Matter?

Archaeology is one of our most powerful tools for understanding who we are and where we come from. It is not about treasure hunting or harking back to the past. From studying social change and standards of living to learning how societies coped with the challenges of pandemics and climate change, by understanding the journey from the past to the present archaeology compels us to consider our own decisions as we journey from the present to the future.

It is a discipline that inspires and it is one of human connection. Through archaeology we can reach out and literally touch the world of our ancestors. In doing so, it puts our lives in context. We do not live in temporal isolation anymore than we live in geographic isolation. Severing the links to the past cuts ties to cultures and ideas different from but deeply rooted in our own.

What Benefits Does Archaeology Bring?


Archaeology has often been at the forefront of researching and developing scientific technologies (ranging from radio carbon dating and dendrochronology, to geophysics and pathology) offering an important contribution to the Government's STEM and green agenda.


Britain's history is a major driver in the tourist industry, with heritage tourism contributing £20 billion to the economy each year.1 Commercial archaeology contributes over £200 million to the economy directly and a further £1.3 billion in savings to the construction industry through reduced delay costs.2


Public interest in archaeology has rarely been higher. Archaeology helps us understand our shared history and heritage. Community archaeology projects, often facilitated by universities, helps people discover their local area and brings communities together.


The UK has long been regarded as a pioneer of archaeological practice and technology, with universities often being at the forefront of new research and archaeologists working at sites across the globe. Only by championing our archaeological institutions will the UK continue to maintain and develop its reputation as a world leader.