Who Supports the Campaign?

Chris Whitwood FRSA

Director | Campaign to Save British Archaeology

Chris is a keen amateur archaeologist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He founded the Campaign to Save British Archaeology due to a belief in the importance of archaeology as one of the most powerful tools for understanding who we are and where we come from, as well as a determination that our shared heritage should be safeguarded for future generations.

Prof Howard Williams BSc MA PhD FSA
Professor of Archaeology
University of Chester

"Maintaining and building our world-renowned archaeology provision in UK HE is essential for the future of the global discipline, but also the future of our societies. This is because Archaeology degrees not only provide students keen to learn about the human story from earliest times to our present and furnish them with a range of key skills, knowledge and perspectives on human societies relevant to a wide range of career paths. By explore the human past through material culture, built environments and landscape, archaeology is unique in telling us not only who we were and who we are, but who will might become."

Anni Byard MCIfA
Archaeologist and Small Finds (metalwork) Specialist
Oxford Archaeology

"From shop workers and vets to plasterers and air traffic controllers, as someone who has worked with the public in archaeology for over a decade, I see how people are genuinely fascinated by the past. We have to save our world-renowned archaeology departments not only to ensure Britain remains at the fore of archaeological research and innovation, but so the public can continue to be enthralled and inspired by the work that we, as trained archaeologists, do for the benefit of all."

Paul Cooper
Novelist and podcaster.
Author of River of Ink, All Our Broken Idols and creator of Fall of Civilizations Podcast.

"Preparing the next generation of British people to study the past is an intellectual and moral imperative. Archaeology adds value to our country, enriches our universities and museums, and inspires people from all walks of life to think about their own history, their shared sense of identity and their roots. What is destroyed can’t always be rebuilt – we must save British archaeology before it’s too late."

Tim Loughton MP FSA
Co-Chair All Party Parliamentary Archaeology Group

Prof Umberto Albarella
Professor of Zooarchaeology
of Sheffield

Dr Ulla Rajala
Landscape Archaeologist
Independent Researcher

Dr Jim Leary
Lecturer in Field Archaeology
of York

Clifford Jones
Archaeologist, Author and Consultant

Andy Whiting
Naval Project Manager and Archaeology Graduate

Adam Morgan Ibbotson
Filmmaker and Author of
Cumbria’s Prehistoric Monuments

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