Worcester’s Cuts Slammed as ‘Appalling’

University of Worcester management have announced their intention to close the university’s highly-respected archaeology department.

Worcester is one of a number of university archaeology departments, including those of the University of Sheffield and the University of Hull, to be closed in recent months. This is despite Worcester having the highest national level for student satisfaction for archaeology for the previous two years and an unprecedented shortage of archaeologists in the field.

Such short-sightedness fails to understand the importance of archaeology.

Chris Whitwood, Director of the Campaign to Save British Archaeology, said

“It is absolutely appalling to witness Britain’s world-leading status in archaeological teaching and research being eroded before our eyes. Despite archaeologists being listed as one of the Government’s skilled worker shortage occupations and the Education Secretary’s recent letter stating that archaeology should be considered alongside many sciences as a “key industry”, university management too often view archaeology as an easy target for cuts.

“Such short-sightedness fails to understand the importance of archaeology for not only preserving and understanding archaeological sites in the UK and across the globe but also the benefit archaeological research brings to scientific development; the boost it brings economically; and the cultural significance of understanding our own past.

“The closure of university archaeology departments across the United Kingdom is nothing short of cultural vandalism. This must halt. The Campaign for British Archaeology calls upon the University of Worcester to reconsider this decision in order to protect our shared heritage and Britain's world-class reputation for archaeological expertise.”

Photo licenced courtesy of Philip Halling (@geograph.org.uk) - granted under creative commons 2.0 licence – attribution.